Make knowledge available at any time.

coovi – the smart video platform

"Video platform with maximum integrated scope of services and optimal usability" seemed too long to us. That's why the solution is simply called coovi. coovi comes from "cooperate" and "video". coovi is smart because it offers a variety of functions to share knowledge interactively, but makes it easy to use. Smart also because coovi offers all applications integrated and no further tools are needed. And finally smart, because your employees will love that knowledge can be shared so easily.

Why video works

coovi in 100 seconds

  • One solution - many advantages

    How to benefit from coovi

    Successful cooperation in organisations depends to a large extent on how relevant knowledge is processed and made accessible. Videos are an ideal medium to pass on content in short sequences in an informative and descriptive way - and the success of YouTube shows this. Coovi combines the advantages of producing video content with an intelligent platform which ensures that the information is also found.

  • Easily sharing knowledge

    coovi makes knowledge available everywhere and at any time

    Design, record, edit, produce and publish videos in just a few steps - all in one integrated solution and without additional software. coovi's smart media platform offers intelligent search functions and the possibility to combine videos in training sessions. This allows users to access valuable knowledge at any time and anywhere with their PC, smartphone and other devices.

  • Promote cooperation

    coovi encourages cooperation

    Designing videos collaboratively, suggesting topics, giving feedback via integrated social media functions or positively evaluating interesting content: coovi offers many possibilities for cooperation and encourages active participation.

  • Cut costs

    coovi saves time and effort

    Employees make their know-how available for use in tutorials, training sessions and video recordings or live broadcasts of workshops. This does not only make knowledge optimally accessible, but also means significant savings in time and resources.

  • Increase employer appeal

    Improve the satisfaction of your employees with coovi

    The possibility of acting self-effectively is a decisive factor for employee satisfaction. By making relevant knowledge freely accessible, coovi makes a decisive contribution. This simplifies the onboarding of new employees as well as the loyalty of qualified experts.

  • Increase productivity

    coovi improves processes and results

    coovi motivates - knowledge is always available on demand and directly accessible. Videos optimize the recording of relevant information. Learning processes run more smoothly. Competences are spread across many shoulders. All this improves cooperation in projects, onboarding new employees and significantly increases productivity.

  • Assuring Quality

    Secure important company standards with coovi

    Your employees act in coovi as authors, editors or initially simply as users. The integrated function of review processes makes it possible for the contents of the videos to go through a release process before they are published. This ensures quality standards and supports maintaining compliance.

Modular video platform with maximum functionality

What coovi offers

An integrated solution is good if everything is optimally coordinated. Its ease of use and extensive functions make coovi the ideal solution for securing and making valuable knowledge available.

Design and create videos

Design and create videos in just a few steps and produce them fully automatically as suitable file formats in your corporate design.

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Edit and produce videos

The integrated editing tool offers a variety of intuitive features for optimizing your videos in coovi.

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Video portal

Store knowledge, publish it clearly and easily, ensure quality and much more. - the video portal in coovi makes know-how available anytime and anywhere.

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Video trainings

Learning more easily when connected: Compiling video trainings from existing videos and playlists.

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Clear dashboards, reports and a differentiated evaluation system: The analysis functions in coovi provide valuable information.

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Modular platform functions

coovi's functional range and setting options are unique and can be adapted to your individual needs.

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  • What makes coovi unique

    Extensive functions and excellent user friendliness - in one integrated system

    We wanted to develop a solution that would meet the high demands for effectiveness and user-friendliness. The result: simplicity and versatility of use combined with essential functions in an integrated system. coovi makes knowledge available in a sustainable and efficient way and promotes employee collaboration.

  • Maximum integrated scope of services

    Simply comprehensive

    coovi combines the advantages of producing video content with an intelligent video platform that makes it easy to find information. The comprehensive functions of coovi ensure that all processes interlock smoothly - from the creation of corporate training plans, analysis tools, chat and rating functions to live streams and many other features. And all this in a single integrated system and without additional software.

  • Optimum user-friendliness

    Easy to use

    Successful cooperation in organisations depends on how relevant knowledge is prepared and made accessible. Your employees will love working with coovi. Because coovi is extremely extensive and at the same time incredibly easy to use.

  • Most economical solution

    Simply efficient

    coovi trains employees and partners and at the same time reduces the cost of further training. The smart video platform convinces with its wide range of functions compared to the moderate license fees. The ease of use and automated integrated production processes guarantee low costs for the creation of new videos.

Intended audiences

coovi is made for you

Whether large or small, national or international, internal or in partner networks - coovi is the perfect video platform for many different companies and organisations such as banks & insurance companies, pharmaceutical & chemical companies, IT service providers & consultancies, energy & utilities, public administration and educational service providers.

You can find out more about the licensing model and how you can use coovi for yourself here or in a personal conversation. We would be pleased to advise you.

The all-in-one solution for corporations and global players

Whether tutorials, internal trainings, live video conferences, relationship management for customers and partners - coovi offers that which makes large companies fit for the future. With Software-as-a-Service and the smart platform functions, your employees can easily create, edit, produce and control videos with coovi. Host coovi either "On-Premises" on one of your company's servers or on our cloud servers in Germany. Integrate videos from coovi flexibly into other areas of your IT infrastructure. Create separate areas for subsidiaries, departments, projects or partner companies. Test coovi or let us advise you in detail.

Competitive advantage for medium sized companies

With coovi you make know-how available at any time: simply create videos about products, systems and processes and make them available internally or in individual areas for partners and customers. Or, for example, create several videos as training sessions and simplify the onboarding of new employees. coovi increases productivity and lowers costs for further training. As a web-based application, you can host your company's coovi platform in the cloud infrastructure in German data centers or on-premises on a server of your choice! Test coovi for yourself or let us advise you in detail.

Smart solution for universities, academies and educational providers

Build your own portal with coovi's video platform: Configure areas for different user groups. Make videos of training units or lectures accessible at any time. Prepare training plans for your trainees. Test the knowledge you have acquired using quizzes and issue certificates. Keep track of the dynamic development of your portal at all times with analysis functions and review processes. Test coovi or let us advise you in detail.

The tool for experts and consulting companies

Create with coovi recognizable added value in the acquisition and retention of your customers: Visualize proposed solutions with the help of videos. Create process documentation or system overviews. Set up exclusive customer areas on your coovi platform or make content available for your customers' intranet portals. coovi supports you and your customers, stimulates knowledge transfer and documents your performance as a consultant. We will be happy to advise you on how you can use coovi to your advantage.

The digital authoring tool for publishers

Supplement your publications sensibly with multimedia content. coovi is your authoring tool, from which you can take the created How-To videos and publish them in your own portals. Use coovi to create flexibly manageable knowledge sites for individual publications, where you can compile videos as short training sessions or offer question & answer areas.

The online video platform for associations

In the merger of many member companies, the transfer of knowledge between all participants represents a particular challenge for associations. coovi promotes knowledge transfer and communication both internally and externally. Increase the interest in your association and the interaction with members and interested parties, e.g. via video-based questions & answers, video training on interesting topics or video recordings of live events that you publish in protected areas or make publicly accessible via your website. We will be happy to advise you in detail how you can make the most of coovi.

You want to test coovi or have any questions?

You want to know more about coovi? Sure! Ask for your free individual test version or get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you personally on how you can optimally use coovi in your organisation.