Video analysis

With coovi, you can keep track at all times

coovi is efficient and cost-effective. The analysis functions provide users and responsibles with a valuable response: Clearly arranged dashboards simplify controlling, reports enable precise evaluations, explorers and authors receive motivating impulses. With coovi you are always up to date.


Overview of analysis functions in coovi

Overview is everything!

The goal of all coovi functions is not control, but to motivate and enable authors, editors and users to produce interesting and useful content. With the help of clear dashboards, authors, trainers and editors quickly gain a differentiated overview of how and which training content was used. Trainees are given an overview of the trainings they have completed, the qualifications they have acquired, the time they have spent so far and the results they have achieved. They can also bookmark interesting articles.

Differentiated feedback

For editors: Which content was viewed by which group of users and to what percentage? Which and how many articles were bookmarked? The dashboard offers clear statistics and evaluations whose criteria can be individually combined. These reports, e.g. a weekly evaluation of the analyses on the dashboard, can also be released for others to view. This makes it possible to determine exactly in which areas there was an increased need for further training.