Integral platform functions

The basis for a perfect whole

coovi's functional range and setting options are unique and can be adapted to your individual needs.


Further platform functions in coovi at a glance

Role play according to clear rules

Discoverer, supporter, author, trainer, reviewer, editor, master editor, publisher, administrator: The structured roles and rights system in coovi ensures that knowledge develops dynamically on the platform and can be controlled at the same time by competent responsibles at different levels. The parameters for assigning rights can be variably adapted to your standards - for example, no video can be uploaded to the video portal without prior review and approval by a "reviewer".

coovi adapts to you

From the design of the user level with your logo and customized footer, through parameters for your specific review process, the configuration of the Actionlog & Notification System and many other setting options and functions - the functional scope and setting options of coovi are unique and adapt to your individual needs. Our competent service experts provide you with help and advice. 

Reward with fun factor

coovi motivates and rewards. Every user has the opportunity to build up an expertise in the platform: Authors, trainers and editors receive feedback on how contributions have been used and evaluated by the reputation scoring in coovi and can achieve awards by collecting points. Authors, trainers, editors and users receive feedback and confirmation about which content was viewed or how many training sessions were successfully completed.