Video trainings

Fit for the job through video-based training

The integrated e-learning component of coovi provides an all-embracing Learning Management System (LMS) and facilitates fast on-the-job training through video-based learning courses.

Existing videos and playlists can be compiled into coovi video courses and assigned to specific target groups as required. The additional search help allows you to quickly find suitable courses.

Thanks to the integrated quiz function in coovi, it is also possible to check what has been learned. Personalized certificates for completed training units motivate the employees and, if necessary, serve to maintain compliance in the company.

Learning has never been easier! 

With coovi, online trainings can be executed anywhere and at any time. Using "SCORM" export, video trainings can be easily integrated into existing LMS systems and shared with any number of employees, partners or customers.

Overview of training functions in coovi

Combine videos for efficient learning according to plan

Video trainings support new employees in onboarding, reduce the training time and help to deepen punctual knowledge in the context. In coovi, video courses can be compiled from existing videos and playlists in a user-friendly way and assigned to specific target groups as required. The online video training can be compiled from various learning media, which can be individually configured by the trainer. Selected participants receive an automatic notification by e-mail and can start the training directly from their browser. Due to its modern and clear structure, Coovi offers simple and intuitive operability and does not require any technical knowledge. Personalized certificates for completed training units are also possible as a motivation or if required by the compliance. Train employees, partners and customers online and increase your company's expertise. Video training in coovi enables integration into existing Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Check your knowledge while watching a video

In video questions are short quiz questions to test your personal knowledge within a learning course while watching a video. At the same time, in-video questions increase participants' concentration as they are actively involved in the video training. The questions regarding the video content are optional and do not count in the final result of the quiz. Multiple choice and simple answer questions are available as question types.

Motivation and reflection through quizzes

Everything in coovi is designed to motivate and make learning easy. A large selection of intuitive question types and configuration options supports the trainers while creating the quiz. The e-learning component enables the trainees to get immediate feedback on the learning success at the end or within the quiz. The detailed evaluation and presentation of the results is of course automatic.

Create video tutorials - even for specific target groups

Ensure that relevant knowledge of your company is actively communicated: In coovi you can bundle larger subject areas in training plans, assign them to specific target groups and let them be automatically notified. coovi offers a structure for the systematic development of training plans and the possibility of linking individual modules in a meaningful way. Graduates can also receive badges according to the units they have completed.

coovi supports your compliance

Does your organization's compliance require certain content to be noticed? Here, too, coovi supports you: The tracking function allows you to check whether certain trainings have been viewed according to the requirements. The subsequent download of a personalized certificate provides a proof of successful participation in training courses.