FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

System requirements and use

For the cloud version of coovi, you need a Windows PC with a current Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, MS Edge). To be able to make high-quality video recordings with your PC or laptop, you should use a device with at least Intel i5 CPU (1.8 GhZ) and 8 GB RAM.

Simply fill out our contact form or give us a call. In a first appointment/webinar we will give you an insight into the platform and discuss your intended application scenarios. The provision of a free demo access is a matter of course for us. If you have any questions during the test phase, you can contact us at any time. Then you decide whether coovi is suitable for your purpose.

coovi is a web-based application and does not require any pre-installed applications. The first time you start coovi, all you have to do is download and execute a .exe file. This automatically downloads the required dependencies and prepares your PC/laptop for video recording.

Your browser should be a current version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Internet Explorer or MS Edge. We also support a large number of other browsers (e.g. Opera), but do not actively include them in our tests.

You can operate coovi in the cloud (our cloud provider is Hetzner Online GmbH from Germany) or on-premises on your own servers (on request).

Video creation

coovi supports all common file formats, for example PowerPoint slides, PDFs, Word and Open Office documents as well as various image and video formats:

.ppt, .pptx, .pps, .pdf, .mkv, .flv, .avi, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .3qp, .3q2, .mov, .ogv, .mvb, .doc, .docx, .odt, .swx, .sdw, .odp, .sxi, .sdd, .sdp.

coovi offers you different combinations to create your own learning video. You can use the Screen Recorder to record your screen, the webcam to record yourself or both in combination. Furthermore, existing PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded and converted into a video format. In addition, it is possible to automatically integrate comments from PowerPoint presentations into the video as audio files or to present your documents in person. 

You are on the road and would like to record a video? No problem with coovi! Use the mobile coovi-WebApp to create video recordings with your mobile phone or tablet and upload your videos directly to the platform.

In addition to the video format, coovi also offers the generation of your office/PDF documents in a slideshow. Slideshows are not videos, but digital picture galleries, in which any number of documents are lined up in a presentation.

Slideshows are not videos, but digital picture series, in which any number of documents are lined up in a presentation. A generated film is displayed as a video format and consists of your uploaded PowerPoint presentation.

Yes, the recording application of coovi allows you to record screens, webcams and hybrids (parallel screen & webcam recording, so-called "Picture-in-Picture"). In addition, the Chroma-Key effect ("Greenscreen") can be applied in webcam and hybrid recordings.

Yes, thanks to our built-in collaborative editing feature, you can invite colleagues to create themes and videos. They can then not only adjust the data of your theme (e.g. title), but also contribute video recordings or edit your recordings for you.

It often happens in an operational context that information becomes obsolete without this being noticed, because the editorial responsibility is lacking or the maintenance effort is too high. With the configurable "validity" coovi offers a useful remedy here. Thanks to this function, you can automatically be reminded to check your contributions (e.g. uploaded videos) for validity/correctness. You can choose whether invalid/expired contributions should be automatically deactivated or only marked as "obsolete".

Video deployment

Each article in coovi has a so-called "embed link" (iFrame), which allows the article to be integrated into other systems (e.g. Wiki, Sharepoint, Wordpress, own website, etc.).

Topics and trainings in coovi can be exported from the platform in SCORM format (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) (ZIP download). The use of this standard ensures that the content can be easily integrated into your own LMS.

We currently support SCORM version 1.2. Do you need a more recent SCORM version? Then feel free to contact us!

The coovi video portal is designed exactly for this application! Whether with or without user login, private sharing or a hidden publication - coovi offers you all the freedom you need to easily provide video content.

Every post in coovi can be easily shared directly by email. The platform generates a direct e-mail link for your e-mail program (e.g. Outlook) or sends the e-mail directly via the platform.

If a user is deleted from the platform, you have a workflow at your disposal to transfer the contributions of the deleted user to another user.

If the users report a contribution to the platform, e.g. due to offensive content, the platform can automatically block the contributions. At the same time, users with the Editor role receive a notification of the message/blocking of the post and can act accordingly.

In order to guarantee your viewers an optimal video experience, we send your videos to an automatic video production before publication. You don't have to be active anymore, everything happens at the push of a button: create cover pages, logo branding, add jingle, crop, etc. - so that every device is supported afterwards, we additionally create different video resolutions. You can then publish the finished product on the platform by clicking on it. Smart thing, isn't it?

Data Security & Privacy

In the cloud version of coovi, your data is stored in the German data center of the data center operator "Hetzner" (DSGVO compliant). Our backup storage facilities are also located in Germany.

Our software is managed in a high security data center in Germany certified by DIN ISO/IEC 27001. Customer data is protected, improved and stored in a particularly secure environment, which is protected by qualified standards and be controlled in a sustainable process.

The communication of all services of the platform, as well as the communication between the web browser and the coovi platform,
are completely encrypted. (SSL encryption)

Your data is stored several times redundantly on encrypted hard disks. This also applies to our backup storage, where both the hard disks and the files themselves are encrypted.

The videos are and remain your intellectual property at all times. We do not have any rights to your video material and do not make use of it.

Our software is validated on a weekly basis by internal vulnerability tests.

The quiz results can only be viewed by persons with the trainer role. There is also the option of anonymizing the participant list so that clear names are hidden even for the trainer.

Customer support

coovi attaches great importance to customer service. In addition to an introductory webinar, you will also have access to our tutorial videos, which explain the numerous functions of coovi. On request, we will of course also visit you and train the users on site.

You can reach us by phone or email during business hours. Outside business hours you can of course still send us an email at any time.

First-level support helps you resolve basic issues immediately or explain feature questions, and is the first point of contact for all incoming support requests. Problems and queries are usually resolved quickly. The contact is made by telephone or e-mail. In the case of complex problems, First Level Support receives assistance from Second Level Support.

Second level support supports and develops solutions for first level support and is used for complex problems. IT experts support first-level support and jointly develop solutions for troubleshooting. If the second-level support cannot solve the customer inquiry completely either, the third-level support is included.

Third-level support addresses complex issues that exceed the level of knowledge or technical capabilities of second-level support and is considered the highest escalation level within a support chain. The term denotes support at expert level by specialists in software development for troubleshooting technical problems.


Your contributions (videos) can be made available to you in the form of a download after termination. We will then irretrievably delete all inventory data and backups of your data.

You can continue to use the data that was made available to you by download after the termination as you wish.

At the moment we can only offer the provision via download.


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