Video platform for companies to digitize the business world

With coovi as your own video platform, you can digitize processes in your company, conduct employee training via video or use the video portal for self-service for your customers and your team as well as for corporate communication. Since our video platform is easily accessible via browser or app, coovi is ready to use for you immediately.

All-in-One Videoplattform

A platform that
combines all functions

Advantages of an internal video solution by coovi

Digitize internal and external workflows through videos

Digitization in companies has not only enabled working at home, but also videos have become the medium of the hour. With the help of coovi, you create a central video content hub that is used as a learning platform, which supports and digitizes your everyday work as well as your customers.

Nachhaltige Mitarbeiterschulungen

Customized, digital and sustainable employee training

With coovi, you can create interactive video training courses that are tailored to your exact requirements. This not only saves you costs when you produce employee training in-house, but online training that is independent of time and location also allows your employees more flexibility and promotes work-life balance.

Self Service Portal

Reducing the workload on customer service with a self-service portal

A self-service portal with videos is the best solution for ensuring that customers can resolve questions satisfactorily even without contacting your service department. This not only reduces the workload of your service team, but also ensures round-the-clock service for your customers.

Videos für digitales Onboarding

Digital onboarding using explanatory videos

To make the onboarding of new employees future-oriented from the very first day, more and more companies are using digital onboarding. Include tutorials, slideshows and other digital elements in your onboarding process to create a sustainable basis for onboarding future employees.

Interne Kommunikation

Internal communication
made easy

In order to expand and modernize the analog exchange of information with digital communication, create a platform for the exchange of information of such elements with the help of coovi. As a result, in addition to efficiency, you also increase the productivity of your processes and gain time for the essentials.

coovi for trade fairs and events & as part of production

QR Code Generator

Make your videos accessible via QR code and thus connect the online and offline world, e.g. by attaching the codes to machines in production.


Live from your trade fair stand or streaming for your event, use the real-time broadcast in coovi. The content can then be uploaded as a video to your video portal.

Livestream und QR-Codes

Take the step towards digitization!