Create e-learning videos easily and professionally

The software solution for creating your own videos. Choose between different video types, combine them and make use of practical features to create:

Use of different media types

Media creation

Videos, PowerPoint presentations, images, documents and many other file types can be combined into one project – creating diverse and exciting multimedia experiences for your users.

Screen capture

Capture the content of your screen as video

Record your screen content – single windows, selected areas and more. Record your own  voice, desktop audio and webcam footage at the same time and combine them as needed.

Webcam recording

Add a personal touch to your videos

Heutzutage zählt es vor allem, wie Inhalte vermittelt werden. Mit unserer Webcam-Aufnahme bringen Sie Persönlichkeit in Ihre Videos und minimieren somit räumliche Distanz.

Die Mischung macht’s!
Formate verbinden, um Projekte zu schaffen

Documents as slideshows

Convert PDF files into slideshows

Different from a video, slideshows play static images. Documents can thus be made available and viewed across devices.

Presentations to video

Turn PowerPoint files into videos

Quickly and easily convert a plain presentation into an exciting multimedia experience. The  voiceover can even be created via text-to-speech using the notes from the presentation.  Various other features complement your video creation experience.

Plan videos professionally

The screenplay

Complex projects can be divided into sections and scenes, arranged and structured by utilizing the individual chapters in the screenplay.

A useful division of scenes and sections enables the users to navigate through the video much easier. Scenes can also be arranged in comprehensive sub-sections and provide a  better video structure.

Add interactive elements

In-Video Questions

Increase the attention of  your viewers by using in-video questions. Effortlessly insert questions, such as single- or multiple-choice, at any point in your learning and explainer videos.

Before the video continues to play, the question must first be answered correctly. Interactive videos like these are the best way to present educational content and test new knowledge at the same time.

In-Video Fragen

Edit videos professionally

The editor

Video editing

Enhance your video with numerous visual effects and add comments, shapes, subtitles and much more. With the built-in video editor you have the opportunity to extend your video using various functions – everyone becomes a video professional with coovi.

Audio editing

Add your own voice-overs to videos or underlay them with fitting background music, move or delete parts of the audio track, use text-to-speech and have a computer generated voice read your text, or simply adjust the volume.

Work collaboratively

With coovi, users can not only work on the same contribution together – they can do it in real time! Plan videos, synchronize data and create screenplays together – no matter if they are sitting in the same room or in  remote locations.

Add subtitles

Better comprehension, translations and accessibility – the subtitle feature makes it possible.


Insert webcam recordings into a video presentation, create green screen recordings, and more.


Freely position the video player on your monitor to keep both how-to videos and corresponding texts in view at the same time.

Change speed

Control the playback speed of your videos and create fast or slow video content.

Zoom & blur

Zoom in on elements in the video to make them stand out more, blur them to force the focus on other areas or adjust the blur intensity to make the content completely unrecognizable.

Export videos

Want to use the videos you created with coovi outside the platform? No problem, because coovi does make exporting videos easy.

Texts & Shapes

Insert texts to communicate important information and use arrows, boxes, etc. to highlight and emphasize certain areas of the video.

Cut & Split

Cut video clips, split them up and export them as individual takes for further use in the screenplay.

Fade-in & fade-out

Create visually appealing fades between different audio tracks – and create a smooth listening experience for your viewers

Insert links

Insert links to thematically relevant content directly into your video as a clickable annotation at the matching position in the video.


Text-to-speech allows you to have a computer-generated voice verbalize a text to automatically add a voice-over to your video.

More than just screen capture

Greenscreen effect

Use a greenscreen and expose the background with the chroma key function. This removes the background and allows you to replace it with images and videos. What once was reserved for movies and television productions is now available for everyone to significantly enhance your explainer video.

Responsive App für iOS & Android

Anytime and anywhere

Our mobile application makes it possible

Take advantage of the possibility to record videos on the go and upload existing recordings from your mobile device to your video platform.

With the coovi app, you can access your video platform from any mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet. The mobile application works on all Android and iOS devices.

Learn more about the advantages of having your own video platform.

Full support, tutorial videos and more

Getting started made easy

The coovi video platform comes with a wide selection of video tutorials that explain all its features and include useful tips to get started even easier. You’ll also get a comprehensive personalized introduction to the platform by our team.


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