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The video solution for successful communication with video

coovi is the perfect combination of video authoring tool, video content management and e-learning system and enables the creation, editing, management and interactive training with videos.
Videoplattform coovi

All functions combined in one video platform

Create, share and train with personalized videos

Video CMS

Store, structure and easily publish videos, share them and much more – in an integrated video portal.

Video Training

Learning, testing, measuring success. Our e-learning component allows interactive training with video quizzes and courses. 

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Large or small, national or international, internal or external - our solution is suitable for the most diverse businesses with the most diverse application scenarios

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die - Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik
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Videos can convey a lot of information in a short time. We have summarized coovi for you in just 100 seconds!
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Developed in Germany - in use worldwide

"Made in Germany" has always been an export hit. Here you can see an overview of countries where coovi is used.

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Why coovi?

What sets coovi apart from other video solutions?


Our video platform combines the advantages of integrated video creation and editing with an intelligent video CMS and LMS. Creating, managing, publishing and training with your videos is united as a holistic solution in one platform.


The simple work steps and the intuitive structure of the video platform enable you to create and publish videos within minutes. coovi is comprehensive and at the same time incredibly easy to use.

Made in Germany

The development and hosting is done in Germany. Your data will be stored in a data center certified according to ISO 27001 in compliance with DSGVO. Optionally, you can also run coovi on a server of your choice and remain independent and flexible.

Easy integration

Successful collaboration in organizations depends to a large extent on how relevant knowledge is prepared and made accessible. With coovi you can integrate your videos and video trainings with a few clicks into already existing LMS or portals.

The video platform for every line of business

coovi offers, regardless of the line of business, the appropriate functions for your application

How do you benefit from coovi?

An overview of some of the advantages of having your own video platform

Knowledge transfer

Short understandable videos instead of long documents. The video platform uses smart workflows to optimize the exchange of knowledge between users.


Visualize your content in video form to enhance the learning effect and thus increase the quality of the work results.


Videos help to reduce support, seminar and travel costs. The high level of automation also reduces the cost of content creation.


Understand a subject quickly on-the-job. Time-saving video creation through integration in one platform.

Knowledge storage

Over time, a knowledge repository is created for your company that grows with your requirements and can be adapted to new deployment scenarios.


Every employee can be an expert and contribute. Contents become richer and more up-to-date. Awards motivate to participate.

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