Create a digital training program with video training & e-learning

Timely workshops, courses, and exercises take place online: Using video training, you replace outdated methods and create a digital learning environment that is sustainable and efficient. As a learning management system (LMS) with an integrated e-learning area, coovi offers you the perfect all-in-one solution.

Bring structure to your online courses

Handle extensive content professionally and create structure through courses and course plans. With coovi you combine learning videos and quizzes to a digital course and make it available to selected persons. Notifications to course participants are sent automatically via e-mail or individually configured via the user interface of your video environment. In addition, larger topics can be bundled into course plans. You can create engaging online courses and interactive videos without any programming knowledge.

Choose from the following lesson types:

Add various e-learning components to your recordings to create appealing video training.


Create a new video, slideshow, or import existing clips on a topic of your choice.

External page

Use this lesson type to embed a link to an external website in your course.

E-Learning Packages

Add e-learning content from an external tool to your digital course in coovi via HTML5 import.


Bundle topics and clips in playlists to share lots of information quickly and professionally.

Free content

Add free text, images, GIFs, and more to create content just the way you need it.


Erstellen Sie ein neues Video, eine Slideshow oder importieren Sie bestehende Aufnahmen zu einem Thema Ihrer Wahl.

Externe Seite

Nutzen Sie diesen Lektionstypen, um eine Verlinkung auf eine externe Website in Ihren Kurs einzubetten.

E-Learning Pakete

Fügen Sie E-Learning Inhalte eines externen Tools via HTML5-Import zu Ihrem digitalen Kurs in coovi hinzu.


In Wiedergabelisten bündeln Sie Themen und Clips, um viele Informationen schnell und professionell zu teilen.

Freier Inhalt

Fügen Sie Freitext, Bilder, GIFs uvm. ein und kreieren Sie Inhalte ganz nach Ihren Vorstellungen.

Interactive learning videos increase concentration

Extend existing videos with various features to form interactive video training for your viewers. This not only enhances successful learning, but also increases the concentration of your users.

In-Video Fragen

In-video questions

Add questions in or at the end of a video so the recording pauses at this point and won’t start again until the correct answer is given.

Kein Überspringen möglich

No skipping possible

To ensure that all video minutes of your courses are watched, your users can select the lessons as they wish, but coovi recognizes whether a learning video has been watched completely or fast-forwarded to the end.

Implement digital courses professionally:

Kursmerkmale festlegen

Determine course features


Define learning objectives

Teilnehmer bestimmen

Selecting participants

Teamwork fördern

Encourage teamwork

Quizzes: Strengthen gained knowledge in the long term

In a very simple and intuitive way, you can create a quiz that tests previously shown information as well as consolidates and deepens what has been learned. In order to diversify a quiz, which can consist of a bundle of different questions, the following question types are available in coovi:

Auswertung eines Tests

Evaluate quizzes and quantify learning success

Analyze quizzes directly via your video platform and easily get an overview of whether and how successfully tasks and questions are being solved. At the same time, you can fully utilize potential for improvement and continuously enhance the learning experience of your participants.

Confirm successful course participation with certificates

coovi enables you to automatically generate a certificate of attendance to your course participants upon successful completion of an online training course. Thanks to various customizing functions, you can customize certificate templates to your corporate design and add your own logos.

Zertifikate erhalten
Evaluation in coovi

Collect feedback in the blink of an eye

To keep up your quality standards and identify areas for improvement, coovi offers the possibility to request an evaluation of your course participants directly after the completion of a course.

Easy integration for effective video training

Using “SCORM” export, you integrate e-learning content and video training created with coovi into your existing learning management system. This allows you to use our video platform as a supplement to your existing LMS or, with coovi, use a fully comprehensive video management system (VMS) with an e-learning component.

Integration von coovi für Videotraining
Mobil lernen

Mobile learning: coovi app

Watch videos and take quizzes: Since our video platform is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices, you can also use coovi on the go. In addition, coovi adapts to almost any device thanks to its responsive design.

Get your team on the road to success

Through timely and video-based learning with coovi.