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Digital school: learning with videos & learning platform for online teaching

In an interactive and digital lesson with videos, your students learn new content playfully, quickly and easily. You’ll find everything you need on our video platform coovi with integrated e-learning area. Here you can create, edit and make videos available. With coovi as a learning platform for digital school.

Lernplattform an Schulen
Lernplattform coovi

Online learning made easy

The learning platform for digital knowledge transfer

Communicating knowledge in an easy and understandable way: That is the goal of coovi. Integrate digital learning formats in the form of videos, slideshows and livestreams into your courses and course plans and let your students become active themselves. Topic queries, questions, and the ability to turn created presentations into videos encourage your learners to interact during online lessons. Collaborative editing mode for topics allows you to work together and create content as a team.

Any pace, at any time

coovi for flexible learning

For more excitement

Playful and digital learning with coovi

In order to constantly promote the motivation of the students during the digital lessons, various options are available for the design of your learning content.

In-Video Questions

Not only increase learner attention, but also review previously taught knowledge at the same time.


Create interactive and lively quizzes to test knowledge according to courses and course plans. This gives you a constant insight into the learning progress of your students.


Certificates, which are automatically awarded when a course is passed, motivate your student body to work on further learning.


Award badges to your learners for reaching a certain number of completed courses or for creating a question.

Digital media, digital teaching: students agree

Why digitization is so important in education

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of students think that digital media make lessons more interesting.
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of students say that their individual needs are better identified and supported.
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of respondents find that they understand teaching content better and faster.
Digitale Klassenzimmer trennen

Learning platform as a central starting point

For more overview in the digital school and home

Break down years by classes through sites, assign topics to specific subjects in the taxonomy and structure teaching materials easily and quickly online. With coovi, you always maintain an overview. Students can also work on their assigned courses and course plans as well as assignments in a structured manner and absorb content better. Through the analysis, you can also assess whether there is a need for optimization and thus optimally prepare your students for upcoming exams.

Time for a change in digital learning

Flipped Classroom: Students and Teachers Benefit Equally

The concept of “Flipped Classroom” swaps the essential components of conventional teaching with each other. In concrete terms, this means that learning content is acquired independently from home and the knowledge acquired is applied in the classroom. Learning with videos supports the modern learning concept enormously and enables students to easily look up and repeat what they have learned. One advantage for teachers is that video content can be reused as often as desired, even for other classes.

Flipped Classroom und Blended Learning

Open, but reflected

The right use of digital media in schools

With coovi, your students are safe in the world of digital media.

Developed and hosted in Germany

TÜV-tested &
ISO-certified data center

DSGVO-compliant cloud deployment

Protection against DDoS attacks & SSL encryption

To a digital school in just a few steps with coovi

Personalized webinar for a hassle-free introduction to the video platform

Tutorials & assistance for the use of coovi in your video portal

Detailed introductory event for your college and you

E-Mail as well as telephone support for questions

Digital learning is more in demand than ever - and soon at your educational institution, too!