Create videos with coovi

Three, two, one and let's go!

With the authoring tool in coovi you can create your own learning videos in a short time.

You can choose between different combinations and various additional functions to create your own professional learning video.

The latest product training courses, clear instructions and many other options for videos in your corporate design - coovi makes it possible for you. Benefit from the effective presentation of learning materials in video format. No additional tools are required to compress, transcode, and optimize video files.

Our authoring tool offers you the all-in-one solution for creating professional learning videos quickly and easily.


Overview of video creation functions in coovi

Work on „screenplays“ collaboratively

Simultaneously design videos together in the smart interface. Easy as pie with coovi. Experts can effectively bundle their knowledge, even if they work at different locations.

The coovi recorder

Get started with just three clicks: Create a new video in coovi, select recording mode, set resolution and here we go. The coovi recorder makes it pretty simple to record videos. It allows the recording of the screen content - or parts of it - as well as the use of the webcam or a combination of both. The sound recording can be made directly or afterwards.

Video recording with webcam and mobile devices

Whether keynote, tutorial or workshop - with the coovi video engine, recordings with the webcam, externally connected cameras or mobile devices can be integrated in addition to screen content and can be made directly accessible to interested parties. Share your knowledge in livestreams and afterwards set the session as any time retrievable in the coovi video portal.

Powerpoint turns into video

You can automatically generate videos from PowerPoint presentations in coovi. Your notes are automatically dubbed by the text-to-speech function if needed and played back according to the page displayed. There is no easier way to make existing knowledge available.

All videos in your corporate design

High brand awareness value and clear structure: The coovi video engine automatically provides all videos with branded intro and outro as well as scene cover pages, which can be defined in the specifications of your corporate design. The guidelines in turn make it easier for the authors to create the videos.

The end device is of no significance either - the coovi video engine generates optimized resolutions for smartphone, tablet and PC without your interaction.

High flexibility with the mobile app from coovi

No more missing the opportunity to share knowledge with each other. coovi offers the possibility of recording videos on the way and uploading existing recordings from the file storage to the central coovi video platform. Additionally, videos can be viewed, searched for and commented on directly by the smartphone or tablet.

With just a few clicks to your digital handbook

Present documents in a kind of digital slideshow that can be automatically or sequentially accessed at the click of a mouse. The slideshow differs from the video primarily in its presentation character. It does not use moving images, but static, clearly separated images.