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Videos are among the most efficient media to aquire knowledge. In this context, the possible applications are almost limitless. In our use cases we want to show you some examples of effective video communication with coovi.

Onboarding videos for employees

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In our example you can see how to record an effective onboarding video with little effort.

New professional challenges bring along new tasks and responsibilities. A successful recruiting depends largely on the onboarding process, or by “bringing new employees on board”.
Without this, about 25% of all new employees leave the company within a year, 20% even within the first 45 days.¹ Good onboarding increases the commitment of new employees and reduces the willingness to change jobs again. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled employes this aspect becomes more relevant.

How can coovi improve your onboarding?

Videos transfer knowledge in a more tangible and sustainable way than classical teaching methods. The attention is focused and the information gained is internalised more sustainably. Compared to classroom training, the use of videos also offers the possibility to access information independent of time and place.

Read operating instructions with QR Codes

In the manufacturing industry, technical operating manuals and work instructions are often found in long, confusing texts that end up in a cabinet outside the product range. It is clear that every product in need of explanation needs detailed instructions on how it works, including safety instructions and contact details.

Incorrect operating instructions can not only be expensive, but can also lead to an accident with material damage or personal injury as a result of incorrect information. Therefore, quick access to well-prepared information is particularly important. Studies show that reading texts is one of the least efficient ways of sharing knowledge – especially if the employees concerned do not have an advanced academic education. In order to ensure that relevant information is better absorbed, it is advisable to have comprehensible, visually appealing operating instructions.

The solution? A QR Code sticker with a video instruction manual on file.

Link products, machines or technical equipment to the “real world” and create comprehensive step-by-step video instructions. In a short time, a lot of information is effectively conveyed and made accessible.

Unternehmen scannen QR Codes

Regardless of whether operator or manager, all relevant employees access the manual, which is always up to date even when it is updated. Context-dependent access to further videos, updatability, depth of information according to individual requirements – video instructions have many advantages, both for the manufacturer and the user.

Weekly Meeting

How can meetings with colleagues at other locations be arranged? How do you manage to build a stronger basis of trust with your customers? Questions that a livestream answers.

Video streaming has already arrived in the business world today and has been gaining in relevance ever since. Advantages such as spatial independence and unlimited participation in events in one room make this concept so successful. Announcements for new projects, town hall meetings or the next big product launch, there are many areas of application.

Creating trust through transparency

Through the media online presence in video streaming, moderators create stronger customer loyalty and appear more authentic and credible. Speakers can interact with participants via the integrated chat function. Participants use the chat function to ask questions and receive answers in real time.

Streams can then be stored on the video platform and retrieved on-demand. Events are thus made accessible to people who could not attend the event. The created video contributions can thus be called up at any time via the browser and end devices such as smartphones and tablets.

When is your next event? Livestreaming with coovi – Simple, straightforward, personal.

Mandatory Safety-Training

Mandatory Safety-Trainings are part of the everyday life of all employees. They are required by law and must be conducted regularly. Typical topics are occupational safety, emergency training, health care and data protection. Compliance with standards forms the framework of a functioning company. Specifically, rules are defined, for example, to prevent corruption or to comply with specified data protection guidelines. The strategic goals of compliance management are primarily risk minimization, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

Why videos work better than text

The aim of a successful security training is to impart the knowledge to the employees. The correct planning and structuring of a compliance training course is crucial for its successful implementation. Security training often has the character of being less interesting to employees. Studies also show that the brain processes images better than the written word. Videos are therefore an elegant solution for presenting dry content to employees in a more appealing way. A structured compliance training based on video technology supports the underlying change process.

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A mandatory e-learning training should be entertaining and provide visible added value for employees. Success is measured by the acceptance of the employees and the actual implementation of the knowledge imparted.

In addition, created videos can be saved and reused for future trainings.

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