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Video-Tutorials / Guides






Video Conferences

Media types and formats


Video Recording

Capture screen contents in a video with our Screen-Recorder

To do this, take a picture of your screen – or relevant parts of it. It is also possible to record specific individual windows. At the same time, you can use the webcam and microphone and also record desktop audio. In addition, the recording application has further useful options.

Our tip: Screen recordings are particularly suitable for process- and IT support. The additional insertion of zoom effects, shapes and other text elements brings relevant details into focus.


Video Communication

Record video with webcam or import video

Achieve trusted video communication with webcam recordings in times of decentralized teams in companies. Personal video messages are easy to create and can be used for internal corporate communication within seconds. Personal and individual videos that convey topics quickly and build a relationship replace long and tedious e-mails and phone calls.

Your recordings can be accessed from all end devices — from desktop to mobile phones – and viewed as often as you like.

Combine different formats

With coovi you can combine video clips, PowerPoint presentations, documents and much more in one project and thus offer the later viewer a multimedia experience. This makes your tutorial videos more interesting and attracts attention. 


Video Presentation

Importing PowerPoint files

With coovi you can transform your PowerPoint presentations into a vivid video presentation. With the help of your microphone and webcam you can create an authentic training video within minutes.

PowerPoint notes can be automatically set to music by your own voice or the text-to-speech function and played back to match the page displayed. A large selection of After-Effects turns your topic into a professional PowerPoint presentation in video format.


Slideshows made from Documents

Present images and documents in a digital slide show

The slideshow differs from the video by its presentation character. With the slideshow, no moving pictures are shown, but static, individual slides. The user can get to the next slide by clicking on it or activate the automatic scrolling through the slides.

Our tip: Use slideshow to effectively increase the compliance knowledge of all company employees.

Play Video

Plan videos professionally

The Screenplay

Complex issues can be divided into sections and scenes and arranged meaningfully in the script in individual chapters.

A meaningful subdivision of scenes and sections allows the viewer a quick overview of thematically related content in the video. Scenes can also be divided into overlapping sections and provide a better overview and structure in the film.

At any time and everywhere

Our mobile application makes it possible

Take advantage of the possibility to record videos on the go and upload existing recordings from the file storage to your central video platform.

The mobile application comes in the form of a “Progressive Web App” and therefore works on all Android and iOS devices – no matter if smartphone or tablet.

Learn more about the possibilities of your own video platform.

Editing and Collaboration


Video Editing

Enhance your video with numerous visual effects and add additional text comments, shapes, subtitles and more. From simple editing and various adjustments to practical 
Effects – with coovi everyone becomes a video professional.


Audio Editing

You can dub videos yourself or add subtle music to them, move or delete parts of the audio track, save your voice with text-to-speech or simply turn up the volume.


Collaborative working

With coovi, users can not only work on the same post – you can do it in parallel and in real time! Plan videos together, synchronize data and create scripts – no matter if you are in the same office or in a completely different location.

Further functions at a glance

links einfügen_c

Insert Links

Fügen Sie Links zu relevanten Inhalten direkt als klickbares Element (Annotation) an die passende Stelle in Ihr Video ein.


Insert Subtitles

Bessere Verständlichkeit, Übersetzungen und Barrierefreiheit – die Untertitel-Funktion macht dies möglich.



Webcam-Aufnahmen nachträglich in eine Präsentation einfügen, Greenscreen-Aufnahmen erstellen und mehr.



Positionieren Sie Ihr Videofenster frei auf Ihrem Monitor, um Lernvideos und Texte parallel im Auge zu haben.


Cut & Divide

Insert links to relevant content directly as a clickable element (annotation) at the appropriate place in your video.


Zoom & Blur

Enlarge elements in the video to highlight them or blur them out of focus and even make them completely unrecognizable.

Export Videos

You want to use your videos created with coovi outside the platform? No problem, because coovi makes the export of videos easy.


Texts & Shapes

Show texts to communicate important information and use arrows, boxes etc. to mark and highlight elements. 

More than just screen recordings


Use a green screen and adjust the background with the chroma key function. This removes the desired background color and allows the insertion of graphics and videos. 

What used to be reserved for film and television can now be done with simple means and coovi for everyone and will clearly enhance your explanatory video.

Chroma-Key Effekt erstellen
Play Video

Structuring and Optimization



Customize your mouse pointer for recording and use click highlighting to visually enhance your recording. Countdown timers, keyboard shortcuts, and more make screen recording much easier.


Corporate Design

Place a template in your own
Corporate Design to present each video in a consistent style. The templates are automatically inserted at the predefined video positions.



The Text-To-Speech function offers the possibility to let a computer generated voice read a text aloud. Texts can thus be easily and quickly converted into speech to enhance a video presentation.

Extensive support, tutorial videos and more

Get started easily

The coovi video platform comes with numerous video tutorials that explain the functions and contain practical tips to get started even more easily. Also there is of course a comprehensive introduction to the platform from our team.  In addition, there are regular interesting articles on video, audio and the creation of explanatory videos in our blog.

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